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If you’re a Canadian or someone who loves to run marathons, you are aware of the upcoming Vancouver Sun Run in April. The Sun Run is known as Canada’s largest 10k road race on a scenic course through Vancouver. Not only is it a great experience to do either by yourself, with a team, or the whole family, but it offers fun celebrations for finishing the race, that you can enjoy with your team and your friends who supported you during your run.

When running any race, it’s essential to get your body ready by putting together a training schedule months and weeks before the race. This way, you can prepare your body to undergo long periods of strenuous exercise as a practice to get everything up to speed. One of the most significant aspects of running a race is adding visualization into your methods.

The power of positive thinking has become a well-known tactic and medically proven to help make your dreams a reality. When you can incorporate this into your daily preparation routine for running the Sun Run, you can conquer leaps and bounds. Whether you want just to finish the race, or if you’re going to win the race, visualizing yourself doing so and having the power to achieve your goals will make strides in having your dreams become a reality.

One of the best ways to incorporate visualization tactics into your running routine is by going through the race from start to finish. Many athletes will do this in their regular workout regime in order to feel themselves succeeding.

Start by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself on the race path. Your feet are hitting the pavement, your arms pumping in fists, your heavy breath pushing your tired legs forward. But you know you can do it because you have trained and are prepared. Running is just as mental as it is physical because it’s just you and the ground beneath you.

Whether the Vancouver Sun Run is your first 10k race or you are an avid runner of races and marathons, try to incorporate visualization into your methods of training. You can be mindful in knowing there is no limit to what you can overcome with a positive outlook and knowing you can achieve greatness.