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No matter what sort of exercise you take up, each one will change your body in different ways. From lifting weights to dancing, your body will undergo an extensive amount of changes due to the type of physical demand. Running affects both the outer appearance of your body as well as different systems on the inside. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your body will start to change from running.

Improves Cardiovascular Health
We all know that in order to improve heart health, exercise is a crucial component. Activities that really get the heart moving, especially running, is one of the best types you can do. Running makes your heart muscle work much harder, keeping it active, in shape, and able to pump more blood throughout your body.

Increases Fat Loss
When starting on most exercises, we always hope it will result in fat loss and increase in muscle. Running is no different and indeed promotes weight loss because of the excess of energy needed to run. This explosive source of exercise helps to expend more energy which is the prime way to lose fat.

Boosts Mood and Increases Focus
According to different studies on running and how it affects focus, sleep, and overall mood, it has shown that aerobic exercise, specifically running, has a positive result. Researchers found that runners got a better night sleep, were ultimately more focused and boosted their overall mood.

Becomes Resistant to Stress
Studies have been conducted on the link between aerobic exercise and stress. The outcome is showing that exercise can help to reduce stress drastically and because most of the studies are done with runners, they believe this particular exercise to be the top stress resistants. According to researchers, exercise that is aerobic increases levels of neurotransmitters.  

Significantly Decreases Chance of Death
Staying active keeps your mind and body healthy in the long run, so it’s no wonder aerobic exercises such as running can substantially decrease your chances of acquiring a type of cancer or illness. Getting regular exercise decreases these chances and one of the best ways to start working towards a healthier body is to get out and start running.

Exercise is something everyone should be participating in order to stay healthy. More specifically, running has so many health benefits for both your body and mind that some other exercises don’t necessarily offer. The proof is in the research, and the way running makes you feel overall. There are many positive changes within your body through running, so if you are looking for a great way to start out on your journey to be more active, running is a great start!