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Anyone who is largely into health and fitness has been told time and time again how much exercising, but more specifically, running can help to fight a lot of physical and mental issues brought on by stress and anxiety. There are many different studies that show the benefits of running and starting with a weekly running regime can help fight these daily feelings.

Creating Endorphins
Whenever you start to exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins help to create a positive feeling within your body which can combat stress and anxiety levels you are experiencing. This is a great natural way to improve your body feel good and attack those overwhelming feelings.

Keeping Yourself Active
Running is a great way to keep yourself active and busy. Along with helping to keep you in shape, it’s keeping your mind on other things unassociated with the stress we have in our everyday lives. Not only does it keep us active, but it is a relatively cheap way to exercise. This is something that anyone can do and not have to pay different types of fees, adding extra stress to your life.

Finding Clarity and Peace
One of the reasons running can combat stress and anxiety is because it can give you a sense of peace. Running can be done within a group of people, one or two other friends, or in most cases, by yourself. Many runners relate to the fact that this type of somewhat static exercise can clear your mind and it’s a reason why a lot of people will turn to this physical activity. For some people, to help with signs of stress and anxiety, a clear mind can offer much-needed peace and rest.

Try to put together a weekly exercise schedule for each week and stick to it as much as you can without adding to your daily stress. Many people find they enjoy the endorphin rush, which will assist in holding to a regular schedule. Just by continuing to keep your body active can in turn help to clear your mind.

Exercise is a vital part of keeping your mind and body functioning correctly. The problems related to stress effect your body both mentally and physically and running has proven to be a great way to alleviate daily stress and anxiety.